About Aldertine Cannabis CFOs

Aldertine Cannabis CFOs is a strong financial partner for businesses in the cannabis industry. We offer proven accounting solutions to keep your finances in compliance with government regulations and strategies to minimize taxes and tax problems. We work with a wide variety of marijuana businesses including growers, dispensaries, and CBD retailers.

Our accounting firm will become the trusted advisor you turn to for sound financial advice. We'll show you how to improve workflow, manage risk, and optimize profits. We'll also help you establish financial controls, manage inventory, and keep your books audit-ready.

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Sean Yoder, Certified Bookkeeper

Sean Yoder

Sean has more than 30 years of accounting experience, learning the construction trades as a teenage bookkeeper for his family’s HVAC business. His focus has always been compliance first. Sean grew up in Chico, CA, worked in the accounting department at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and is a graduate of the CSU, Chico Center for Regional and Continuing Education certified bookkeeping program. He has been an AIPB certified bookkeeper since 2012. Sean founded a successful non-cannabis firm, Sean Yoder, Certified Bookkeeper, in 2017. During that time, he has demonstrated a consistent track record of calming accounting chaos with expert level experience as a controller, creating financial order with meticulous bookkeeping, and saving his clients on taxes with proper planning.